SIDE-EFFECTS:CONNECT™  is a double-sided laminated tool (approx. 5.25″ x 8.25″) to assist anyone understand the relationship between taking a medication and checking to see whether they experience any medication side effects. The educational aid provides information that helps educate professionals and patients so patients can make informed decisions while taking a statin medication. Reviewing the educational tool assists professionals and patients with any decision-making at the time of the initial prescription and during medication refills. (Intended to be used with the professional guidance of a physician or pharmacist.)

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Using a method that sorts and matches symptoms with known diagnosed problems will help anyone using this tool to understand the relationship between symptoms (side-effects) and problems (conditions) patients can develop over time while taking a statin medication.

Many patients develop side effects over time but they may not recognize it is their medication that is responsible for their symptoms or conditions they’ve developed. They may or may not have been given any diagnosis.

Used as an informative educational tool SIDE-EFFECTS:CONNECT™ can help patients and professionals better understand how to manage medications and help prevent patients from developing long term problems that can go unrecognized.


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