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This company was set up to recognize the voice and plight of the patient. Patients are not alone. Professionals who try to help patients also struggle. They need their voice and our help.


Med-Aware Publications has recently (2016) published a soft cover print book:

THE PATIENTS’ TIME HAS COME reflects the fact: It is patients who are changing the face of health care one patient at a time. Read how, Listening to Patients will Redefine Health Care Safety and Revitalize Service Delivery.

In the health care system patients are a number, a statistic. But patients themselves are different. They are unique. They have personal experience, ideas, values, and opinions—opinions count! Join the group of patients and professionals, like you, who want a voice to share.

Define what you need by knowing what to question and what you’re prepared to accept when you enter the health care system. See how other professionals are making a difference and want to help you.

This ground-breaking book is available in our shop (paperback and eBook formats available)

Med-Aware Publications offers OUTREACH SERVICES:

We are available for Professional workshops, conferences and presentations to large or smaller groups. We work with you to help you achieve your goals. We can provide you content to support your initiatives using a PowerPoint presentation, participate in a Streamed Webinar or, for a book only presentation we offer an informal question and answer session. For Patient Education workshops we can structure the program that is geared to the patient.

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