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THE PATIENTS’ TIME HAS COME: Listening to Patients Will Redefine Health Care Safety and Revitalize Service Delivery.


SIDE-EFFECTS:CONNECT™ is an innovative tool to assist anyone in understanding the relationship between taking a STATIN medication and checking to see whether they experience any medication side-effects. The educational aid provides information that helps educate professionals and patients so patients can make informed decisions while taking a statin medication. Reviewing the educational tool assists professionals and patients with any decision-making at the time of the initial prescription and during medication refills.

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From Chapter 7: Doctor’s & Patient’s Office Tracking Survey for Statin Medication Side Effects.

Without a tracking aid (free to download as a PDF) to assist anyone to track how they are responding to their medications and whether they tolerate a medication, long-term patients are at risk.

Using a tracking survey is one easy way to help patients monitor themselves and for professionals who assist patients (medication prescribers or dispensers), to track their patient’s medication experience. Used along with the SIDE-EFFECTS:CONNECT™ a tool (purchased separately), both patients and professionals will feel they have aids that can help them manage Statin and other classes of prescriptions more efficiently and safely.

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