Timeless Tales for Daring Girls

Amazing Women of the Bible & Today
Meet Queen Vashti
(Esther 1:10-22)

Do the gifts and graces of biblical women live on in brave women today? Absolutely!

Timeless Tales for Daring Girls is not just a Bible storybook. It’s a testament to the divine spark in all women. It’s the only book that connects daring biblical women with brave women of our times, women who have left an indelible mark on our world.

A Book in Process for Ages 8-12

Dear Daring Girls

You are strong
You are wise
You are daring

You are talented
You are kind
You are loving

God created you
God loves you
No matter what


Meet Mary of Bethany
Luke 10:38-42

Daring Girl

Meet Claudette Colvin
Civil Rights Activist

Divine Spark

You’ll discover the Divine Spark that connects biblical women with their modern sisters.

You’ll learn how Queen Vashti and Claudette Colvin learned to stand up for themselves; how Latina astronaut Ellen Ochoa still yearns to learn as did Mary of Bethany; how the persistent widow’s ‘never give up’ attitude is alive in Simone Biles; and how Junia’s integrity and bravery shone brightly in Sister Jane Mankaa.

And the best part? You’ll uncover the Divine Spark that’s just waiting to be ignited within you.

Daring Women Today

Daring Women Today are Nobel Peace Prize winners, TIME magazine People of the Year, Supreme Court justices, and four-star generals.

They are justice advocates, lawyers, astronauts, inventors, queens, fashion designers, and Olympic gymnasts and soccer players.

They are women who risk their lives to save others, spies, midwives, bishops, nuns, and mothers to a hundred orphans. They are school girls and loving family members.

Daring Women are your sisters.
Daring Women are you.

Daring Girls

Meet Ellen Ochoa